Removing Fleas from your home
If your home as been infested with fleas:
First, don't be embarrassed. Being infested has nothing to do with
cleanliness. If your pet comes in contact with a single pregnant female flea
your home can become infested in less than two weeks. One female flea will
lay over 100 eggs. In 10 to 14 days those eggs will hatch and start
reproducing. So in a mater of weeks, you will have hundreds of fleas in your
home. Most people are not aware there is a problem until it's to late. That's
why it's better to use a preventative. The preventatives we sell will not keep
your pet from picking up fleas. What they will do is kill the fleas they do pick
up before they can lay eggs or reproduce, thus stopping your home from
being infested.

To rid your home of an infestation, follow these steps:

Apply a good flea prevention product (Advantage, Advantix or Frontline) on
your pet. These products will make your pet toxic to fleas helping to reduce
the number in your home. They do not have to bite to be poisoned. Crawling
in the hair will do the job. Do NOT remove your pet. This will only cause the
fleas to bite you! If you are the only warm blooded thing in your home, you
become the food.

Vacuum as often as you can. Fleas can stay in their cocoon stage for up to 12
months waiting for the best time to hatch out as fleas. Vacuuming creates
heat and vibration causing them to hatch more quickly. (heat and vibration
mean lots of animals... to the fleas) If you have a bagless vacuum, empty it
outside after each use. If you have a vacuum that uses bags, either replace
the bag after each use or put the vacuum outside between uses. The dust
and hair in the vacuum make a great hatching place for fleas.

Bomb the house. (follow the directions on the product you purchase) Make
sure you use Flea bombs that continue to kill for several months. The fleas in
the cocoon stage are safe from even flea bombs. A couple of days after you
set off the bombs you will start seeing them again. Good flea bombs will kill
most of the hatchlings before they can reproduce. I suggest also getting a
house spay for fleas. When you start seeing them again, start spaying the
areas where they are. Also spray under your furniture and couch cushions
etc. This gives you control over the most affected areas.

Wash your pets bedding and yours if your pet sleeps with you. Fleas don't
swim. They will drown in the washer. Run your pillows in the dryer for about 30
minutes. This will remove any eggs from them and fluff them up in the process.

It takes weeks to totally rid your home of fleas, but if you follow these steps
you will win.

In the future, use a good flea control product on your pets from around May
through November or December depending on weather conditions. Although
there are fleas around during all the warm months, they are at their worst in
the Fall. They cannot live in temperatures below freezing. They need a host to
survive the Winter. Don't stop using the flea products until the ground is
Flea products we carry to
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Mycodex® Plus
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