What you need to
Know About Mosquitos
Most people think of Mosquito's as a nuisance. The truth is that
Mosquito's can be deadly. They carry disease that can be deadly to both
you and your pet.

Here are some facts about Mosquito's:
Rising temperatures and the resulting increase in mosquito
populations are a dangerous combination for our health and our
pet's health.

Cases of the West Nile Virus, a member of the flavivirus group of
viruses, are most prevalent during the warmer months when the
increased temperatures and still bodies of water become
breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are the biological vectors that transmit the virus- typically from infected
birds to other birds. However, the virus has been known to affect humans as well as
horses, dogs, cats and other mammals bitten by mosquitoes carrying the virus.

Besides increasing the number of carriers, warmer weather increases the activity and
transmission of the virus itself. Fortunately among mammals, there is yet to be any
instances of transmission from mammal to mammal. Mosquitoes that bite infected pets
do not ingest a sufficient amount of the virus to transfer it to other pets or humans.


Mosquitoes are most active at dusk and at dawn. Keeping your pet indoors during
these periods will decrease the likelihood of infection.

Install or repair screens around of your house, doors, windows, and patios to prevent
mosquitoes from entering your home.

Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Remove any standing water
around of your house. Mosquito Halt is an effective way to prevent infection of the West
Nile Virus. Mosquito Halt eliminates mosquitoes at their breeding sites (areas of
stagnant water) around your home and property. Mosquito Halt For Dogs safely kills
and repels mosquitoes.

Another way to prevent transmission of the West Nile Virus is through the use of K9
Advantix. K9 Advantix conveniently kills off fleas, ticks, AND mosquitoes. The topical
solution provides protection for your dog up to one month after application.
Most Fly Repellents will also
help repel Mosquito's.
(do not
use products made for humans
such as 'Off '. These may be
harmful to your pet)

Bayer's k-9 Advantix has a
Mosquito repellent built into it.
This is a great way to help
protect your dog.
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your Pet, we have added
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