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Pet Foods:
Hills Science Diet:
We have special pricing on large bags of both dog and cat food only through
Veterinary clinics. The savings are worth the trip to the Clinic.
Flea & Tick:
Frontline is offering a buy 3 get 1 free,   buy 6 get 2 free special through

The savings are well worth the investment.
Heartguard is offering buy 12, get a $12.00 rebate on all three sizes.. We
will be happy to send it in for you.
Feel free to ask our staff about these
Special Offers. We will be happy to help.
These days there are many online Pharmacies offering what they claim are much better
prices than you can get through your Veterinary Clinic. This is not always the case. Here
are some specials offered only though Veterinary Clinics.
To help you protect
your Pet, we have added
information pages.

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