What you need to
Know About Fleas
Most people think of Fleas as a nuisance. The truth is that fleas can be
deadly. They carry disease that can be deadly to both you and your pet. If
there enough Fleas present, they can take so much blood from your pet
that they become anemic.

Here are some facts about the life cycle of Fleas:
Flea Life Cycle

If you think just killing the adult fleas on your pet means he or she is safe from further
flea infestation, think again! Flea eggs, pupae, and larvae could still be lurking on your
pet or around your home, just waiting to reach adulthood and start your furry friend
scratching all over again.

Before a flea reaches adulthood, they've gone through three previous life stages: egg,
larvae, pupa and adult. Depending on environmental conditions, it can take between
two weeks and eight months for flea eggs to reach adulthood, although the average is
three to four weeks in most homes. While you may think the fleas are dead today, in
as little as two weeks, your home and your pet could be re-infested with hungry adult

Flea Facts

All You Wanted to Know About Fleas and More.

Everyone knows fleas aren't fun. However, here are some flea facts that will amaze

·        Flea fossils date back to the Lower Cretaceous period, meaning fleas have
been around for about 100 million years. At that time, fleas may have infested a
Tyrannosaurus Rex or Triceratops!

·        Fleas can jump up to 150 times their own length. To put that into perspective, if a
human competed in the Olympic long jump with that ability, that athlete would certainly
win the gold medal with a gravity-defying 1,000 foot long jump. So they can easily jump
onto your pet from the ground, or from another pet.

·        On average, a flea's lifespan is two to three months. However, pre-emerged
fleas (not living on a pet) can survive undisturbed and without a blood meal for more
than 100 days.

·        The female flea can lay 2,000 eggs in her lifetime. That means that if all 53
million dogs in the United States each hosted a population of 60 fleas, the U.S. would
house more than six trillion flea eggs. Laid end-to-end, those eggs would stretch
around the world more than 76 times! It's important to kill fleas before they get a
chance to lay eggs. Advantage kills 98-100 percent of fleas within 12 hours, before
they start laying eggs.

·        The female flea consumes 15 times her own body weight in blood daily.

·        The largest recorded flea is the North American Hystrichopsylla schefferi. Found
in beavers, it can measure 12mm in length - almost 1/2-inch!

·        A flea can bite 400 times a day. That's a rate of 4,000 bites a day if your pet has
just 10 fleas. Products such as Advantage and Frontline kill fleas without the need for
them to bite giving your pet relief from these pesky pests.
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