What you need to Know
About Biting Flies
Biting flies are a nuisance! They feed on the blood they draw with their
"bites". The bites are painful and can lead to infection. They most
commonly go for the ears on dogs, causing open sores.

Dogs who suffer from "hot spots" if left untreated and outdoors are at risk
of becoming a breading ground for Biting Flies. The Flies will not only feed
on the open sores, but will lay their eggs in them. The result is a very
unpleasant Maggot infestation. The resulting infection can be quit serious.

Here are some things you can do about Biting Flies:
First, keeping a clean yard or kennel is a must. Flies are drawn to the pet food and
feces of pets as a food source and a breeding ground, The cleaner the area, the less
flies. Unfortunately, you have no control over your neighbors property, so you can never
keep all of them away.

If you feed your outside dog only once daily, try feeding at dusk. The flies will be
starting to roost for the night so there will be less of them drawn to the smell of the
food. Your dog will also most likely have a bowl movement after eating, so this again
will take place after dark and not draw the flies.

Because you can never keep all the flies away, you may need to use a fly repellant  
spray around the kennel area. We have some great products for this at the Clinic.

To keep flies from biting your dog you may want to use a fly repellant on them. There
are many products for this. If there are sores on the ears, you will need a special
repellant with an antibiotic in it.

If you are having problems with biting Flies, come in and ask our staff what product
would be best for your pet. We will be happy to help.
Permectin II  

With 10% permethrin, provides long
acting killing power for flies, lice,
mites, ticks, and fleas.

Dilute with water, (1/2 tsp makes 1
quart of spray.) Apply directly to
your dog or as a premise spray.
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