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Pet Foods:
Good nutrition is very important for a
long healthy life. We carry some of the
best Pet Foods on the market today.
Please feel free to ask our staff what
food would be best for your pet's needs.
Flea and Tick protection is very important! Most people think of these as just pests that are
unpleasant. The truth is... they can be deadly! A serious infestation can make your pet anemic,
leading to illness and in severe cases death. They are also known to carry diseases such as
Lyme Disease.
We carry the Top three products:

Advantage:                Flea Protection

Advantix:                      Flea, Tick &  Mosquito Protection (Dogs Only)

Frontline:                      Flea & Tick Protection
Heartworms are preventable!

All dogs are vulnerable, whether they are indoor or outdoor pets. Heartworms are
carried by mosquitoes and as we all know they do get in the house. An easy to
give monthly chewable or topical application can protect you dog. (It will also
protect them from common intestinal parasites. We recommend year round

The cost of high quality food is expensive, but the benefits are worth the extra
cost. The amount of food needed daily is less than with "cheaper brands"
making your daily feeding expense comparable. And the amount of waist
(poop) is considerably less, making cat box or yard clean up a much easier task.
The truth about Flea products:

Flea collars: They don't really work! The poison on them is only deadly to fleas
that come in direct contact with the collar or the surrounding area. They also
leave poison on your skin when you touch your pet, making them more
dangerous to you than to the fleas.

OTC: The flea products sold in department stores are NOT the same as the ones
sold at the Vet's office. The chemicals used in those products have been on the
market for over 20 years and are no longer affective. There have also been
reported deaths in cats from misuse (applying dog does on cats)

Cost: We cannot argue that the flea & tick products listed below are not
expensive. However, we know they work! If you have ever had your home
infested with fleas, you know that it is much less expensive to prevent them
than to get rid of them.

Because the products we offer are expensive, we open the packages and sell
single doses for those who would rather buy them one at a time. The price per
dose is the same as it is if you buy the entire box. We do not charge extra for
the convenience.
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your Pet, we have added
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