My cat is peeing on my bed! He's 5 years old and never done
anything like this before. I love him but can't have him peeing
on my bed. Any idea's?
Your cat may be trying to tell you he has a medical problem.
Although with some pets this could be a behavioral issue, if it has a
sudden onset it is usually medical. You should get a urine sample to
your vet to be tested. Depending on what they find, you may be able
to stop the behavior by treating the underlying illness.
My dog got into the trash a couple of days ago and has had
diarrhea ever since. Today I noticed there is blood in it. How
worried should I be? Is there anything I can do at home?
It is not uncommon to see a small amount of blood in the stool if your
pet has had diarrhea for several days. As long as your pet is acting
normal in other ways (eating, playing etc.) You can give your pet
Malox (1 TBS. per 50lbs) twice a day. Try this for 2 days. If no
improvement, or if he/she becomes lethargic, contact your
My dog has been eating his own poop. What can I do to stop
Try adding unseasoned meet tenderizer to his food. This will make
his stool bitter and should help stop this. Also watch how much food
you are feeding and whether it happens after certain treats are
given. Some treats have strong flavoring and may pass threw you
dog leaving his stool with a similar scent.
My dog has just started her heat. How long will it last and when
can she get pregnant? When will her puppies be born?
A dogs heat cycle will last about 3 weeks. She is most likely to get
pregnant in the second week. If she is Pregnant, you can expect
puppies in 63 - 65 days from the date of conception.
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