My dog has been scratching all the time and now she's loosing
her hair. What's wrong with her?
There are several things that can cause itching and hair loss. The
most common are Allergies, but it could be a fungus or some other
cause. You really should take her in for an exam. The Veterinarian will
be able to run some tests (black light, skin scraping, etc.) to discover
the cause and then treat it correctly.
My cat is very over weight. I've put him on Diet food but he's not
loosing any weight. What else can I do?
The first thing to do is make sure you are feeding him correctly. The
mistake most people make is feeding their pet at the guidelines for their
current weight. You need to feed him only the amount he should get for
the weight he SHOULD be. Also make sure no one in the house is
feeding people snacks. Another thing you can do is get him to be more
active. A lazier pointer works well for most cats. Most cats will chase
the light all over as long as you're willing to play.
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